Exploratory applications: Putting Prosetta’s Platform to Work for You


These examples of successful applications of Prosetta’s platform illustrate two points very well:

1)    the great breadth of its applicability

2)    the extraordinary richness of our Hitfinder Collection and its advantages as a means of rapidly identifying starting points with a minimum of effort and expense.


If you have an application that you feel would benefit from Prosetta’s tools, insight, and expertise, please get in touch with us. We are open both to internal application of our platform on a contract basis here at Prosetta, and to external applications of the Hitfinder Collection.

One application of the Hitfinder Collection that we find particularly intriguing is its use in screens where the assays are too complex, time consuming or costly to perform for hundreds of thousands of compounds. Alternatively, using more conventional assays, the Hitfinder Collection could be used for a preliminary screen that could eliminate the need to expend time and resources on a larger one.

Call us and pick our brains. We would love to speak with you, and who knows what amazing things might come from a simple conversation.