Prosetta's Strategy


Prosetta stands out from other biotechnology companies because of our science, which is a fundamental advance in cell biology. Over the past 15 years, these foundational principles have led to the discovery and advancement of a new class of drugs and targets, applicable across all therapeutic areas investigated to date.

Prosetta is actively prioritizing key R&D programs for preclinical drug development through pharmaceutical partnerships, while internally retaining selected programs for internal development to the clinic.


Prosetta seeks to leverage its platform technology and research capabilities through four primary types of partnerships:

  • Licensing or Commercial Development Agreements utilizes Prosetta’s proprietary screening technology and discovery pipeline to advance small molecules to the clinic.
  • Joint Ventures incorporates Prosetta’s ability to discover novel drug targets with co-development support.
  • Pilot discovery project further enhance the capabilities of Prosetta’s platform by applying tools, such as the HitFinder Collection, across new therapeutic areas not previously explored by the company with proven success.
  • Non-profit or government sponsored collaborations accelerates the drug discovery process on orphan diseases by employing Prosetta’s platform.


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